Why I invested in a restaurant, ALTA CA.


It’s not the most traditional investment, especially in this neck of the woods. Though I am supremely excited to have invested behind the amazing chefs, team and concept of San Francisco’s newest restaurant, Alta CA, the name reminiscent of “upper California” and the 19th century newspaper Mark Twain used to write for while in town.

The best investors preach investing behind a team and the distinct advantage they have to win in their space. Well this case couldn’t be better made behind maestro Daniel Patterson and the team he’s built at Alta. Daniel is best known as the creator and head Chef at Coi, one of San Francisco’s elite two-star Michelin restaurants, where he’s known for his creativity, textures and melange of uniquely fitting but distinctly unusual ingredients. For this far more casual, community concept in one of San Francisco’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, New Market (NeMa), he pulled together a top-shelf executive team to create a true neighborhood watering hole.

Head Chef Yoni Levy hails from Chicago and Bay Area roots, and one of my most recent favorite creations I ate of his was a banana frozen in nitrogen and shattered into pieces - OMG, I wanna smash that!! Bar Manager Ashley Miller set up the bar at Hakkasan in San Francisco - Smoky Negroni anyone?? - and has a virtual PhD in tequila after tasting her way through Mexico to fill out the menu at Tres. GM Ben Hetzel also comes from Hakkasan and is one of the original owners of Uva Enoteca - who doesn’t ‘n’ever regret a bottomless Bellini brunch!? Lastly, Daniel Patterson Group’s Pastry Chef Matt Tinder invented a craft ice cream brand and parlor inside of the restaurant dubbed, The Malted.

Beyond the fantastic culinary and experiential artists that are setting up the restaurant, the group of financial partners is top tier. The syndicate, pulled together by Ryan Sarver, represents an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, investors, tech executives and all around foodie lovers from around the world.

Lastly, I’m most happy to be investing in the growth of one of the older, more historic neighborhoods of San Francisco. In concert with the many other businesses moving to this district including Twitter, Square, Yammer, Benchmark Capital, and many more, this neighborhood will be a hub of economic growth for decades to come. Thanks to tax incentives largely spearheaded by sf.citi, thousands of apartments and hundreds of businesses are being built which will contribute hundreds of millions of dollars annually to the City’s economy. As a native Bay Area’n I’m proud to be a part of this next chapter of San Francisco growth.

I look forward to seeing you at the signature V-shaped bar at Alta CA, or sharing some Dill Pickled Deviled Eggs and a Ferryman. If you and I are scheduled for lunch, dinner or beers any time in the near future, expect me to suggest meeting at 1420 Market St. between 10th and 11th.